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July 04 2015


Demas 1 for Dryland Wry

Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (Balitbangtan) has released soybean varieties for dry land sour. Demas 1, released in 2014 by the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture of Republic of 1176 / Kpts / SR.120 / 11/2014, is the result of a cross between Mansuria x SJ-5 with SC5P2P3.5.4.1-5 strain.

This variety has the advantage, among others, the average grain yield as high as 1.70 t / ha, has the potential of reaching 2.51 t / ha on soil acidity stress conditions, as well as having seed size 12.88 g / 100 seeds.

Soybean Demas 1 also resistant to pod borer Etiella zinckenella, resistant to leaf rust disease Phakopsora pachyrhizi, somewhat resistant to pod sucking Riptortus linearis, and has a protein content of seeds reached 36.07%.

Adaptive soy sour dry land has a strategic opportunity for fertile land conversion impact on soybean development towards suboptimal land as dry land sour. The widest spread of sour dry land is in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua.

Tests have been carried out in the third adaptation of the island, therefore, develop Demas 1 will be easier. Adaptation trials conducted on soybean production center with a variety of environmental characteristics of soil acidity at pH 4.5 to 5.8.

1 Demas varieties can be cultivated on dry land acidic with pH =4,5 without the addition of pH soil enhancer. In the diversity of the environment, this variety is able to provide optimum yield.

In soybean cultivation in dry land sour, need to be considered when planting because they relate to the availability of water. Planting can be done from mid-November, but the most optimal planting time is in February.

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Moringa Plant to Increase milk production

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is one type of multipurpose medicinal plants. Almost all parts of the Moringa plant is useful in human life and medicinal properties. The leaves are often consumed as a vegetable.

Moringa leaves contain phytosterols which can increase the production of breast milk (ASI) for women who are breastfeeding and overcome the problem of anemia in children and pregnant women.

Moringa can be grown in lowland and highland up at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level and is widely used as a land barrier or fence in your backyard or farm or reforestation programs.

Moringa Propagation can be done by using cuttings and seeds. In Moringa leaves contain Fe 5.49 mg / 100 g and also Phy-sterols sitosterol ie 1.15% / 100 g and stigmasterol 1.52% / 100 g which stimulates increased milk production.

Application of environmental stress on the cultivation of Moringa plant will be able to improve the content of active ingredient.


March 04 2015


Kerjaan Bikin Web Lagi

Dapet Kerjaan Bikin Web Lagi nih, Klien Pada pengin nyoba jualan lewat internet

Jadi Jutawan Lewat Bisnis Moment. Para ibu rumah tangga, yang punya penghasilan tetap, sementara penghasilan keluarga sangatlah mepet, kini dapat menyiasati bagaimana cara mendapatkan penghasilan harian, berpenampilan menarik/baik dan tetap berperan sebagai ibu rumah tangga tanpa meninggalkan anak dan keluarga.

Franchise BubbleDrink, Penyedia bubuk minuman bubble drink.
Menyediakan bubuk minuman kiloan bahan baku untuk minuman bubble, bubble tea, buuble drink, cappucino cincau, milkshakeserta paket francise untuk usaha dagang minuman ice blend, agar konsumen dapat memperliuas bisnisnya. klik tautan. Semoga klien pada lancar jualannya. laris manis. amin

October 01 2014


Review 2015 Chevrolet Captiva AWD Facelift - Part I

Changes the front display of the most easy to be found there on a new front bumper which now has a silver-colored mud guard at the very bottom. The color is quite a contrast if the car is given a dark body color, since these cars featured are white, the color is slightly obscured and not too obtrusive.

At the rear, the car is getting a new rear bumper with diffuser silver more sporty. Just like the Captiva FWD models, in AWD models also get dual exhaust design with angled shape trapezodial (box) that make it more sporty.

Just like the FWD variant, Chevrlet Captiva AWD also get rear lights with LED technology and a new combination that has never been used on the Chevrolet Captiva earlier. On the right side of the trunk door mounted AWD emblem logo to signify that this car is the most expensive variant.

Velg shape now turned into a sweeter with 10 fruit bars that are adjacent to each other. The size is 1 inch larger than the FWD variant, the circumference of the wheel that is used by Captiva AWD is actually using Dunlop tires, Maxxis tires not as used by the type of FWD. Another difference is in its overfender painted body color for the FWD variants.

Before entering into the interior, the Chevrolet Captiva has now been equipped with keyless entry, named with PEPS (Passive Entry Passive Start). The model given also the doorknob does not fully use chrome, because we will find a unique body colors in the middle.

Dealer information :  belimobilbaru.com/chevrolet

July 15 2014


Honda workshop, yet to recall Accord Instructions

Honda Prospect Motor said it will recall (recall) 840 units of Honda Accord made ??in 2003 start 22 September 2014. This was done after the manufacturer find no procedural error in the component production airbags in the front passenger seat of the car. (Read: One Production, Honda Accord Recalls 840 Units)
    However, until now the official workshop Honda claimed not to know the technical or detailed instructions for the improvement of the recall program. One of Honda authorized repair shop that has not received a notice about it is the PT Auto Power Keisindo, Honda authorized repair shop in the area Tendean, Jakarta. "For we do not know the technical, usually does the data given a PIN number or chassis number car customers," said Sarifudin, Service Manager Auto Power Keisindo, when contacted on Sunday, July 13, 2014.
      In addition to the dissemination of information through the mass media typically the workshop will be instructed by head office to send a letter via postal mail to consumers who have car trouble that withdrawal or recall. (Read: Troubled Airbag, Honda Accord Pull 2003)

      For now, Sarif said airbag inflator replacement is not available at the authorized workshops. In addition, there are no customers who make bookings for replacement parts. (Read: Pull Troubled Accord, Honda Can Praise)

      Previously, Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) as the sole agent of Honda cars in Indonesia, announced a replacement program airbag inflator components for Honda Accord car production in 2003. Replacement parts contained in the front passenger side airbags were required as a result of production processes that do not fit with the procedure.

      Toyota dealer information : belimobilbaru.com/toyota
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      The difficulty of the old car recall

      Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) as the sole agent of Honda cars in Indonesia, has announced a replacement program airbag inflator components for Honda Accord car production in 2003. Replacement parts contained in the front passenger side airbags were required as a result of production processes that do not comply with the procedure. (Read: Troubled Airbag, Honda Accord Pull 2003)

      President Director of HPM, Tomoki Uchida promising from 22 September, Honda will withdraw 840 old car and fix it gradually these components free of charge. Honda Accord owner asked the nearest Honda dealer for replacement.
        "This is our effort to ensure all Honda products maintained their quality standards. Replacement will be made without charge, including for products that have long been in the hands of consumers," said Tomoki Uchida, President Director of Honda Prospect Motor, in a press statement last Friday.

        However, Service Manager PT Auto Power Keisindo - one of the official Honda workshop - assessing the recall process for an older car is usually hard to do the calling. He took the case of a recall of Honda Jazz 2008 model is having problems on the machine in 2012.
          At the time of the recall begins, there is less enthusiasm from the customer to replace the failed part of the production. "Mostly because it has moved the hands of the owner, because it is the data that we hold the beginning of buyers," he told Tempo, Sunday, July 13, 2014.

          Usual strategy is conducting workshops on car servicing identified to do the recall. "If there is a service already performed all checked whether or not replacement parts," said

          Honda mobil information purwokerto : belimobilbaru.com/honda
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          February 28 2014


          “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.”

          — William Blake
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          December 01 2013

          5733 3535
          Ginny Weasley.
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          5770 6e73 500
          Raja Ampat, Indonesia
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          Authorized Dealer in Yogyakarta

          Authorized Dealer in Central Java and Yogyakarta. serving new car purchases in the region of Yogyakarta, cash and credit purchases with competitive price and interest, sales to individuals (retail), showroom, and corporate (fleet), Swap Add all of your old car brands with high prices, simulation and consulting credits, test drives, new car price information and authorized dealers
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